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Put some tofu paste on that mild burn! Studies suggest that it can help prevent scars from forming and promote healthy skin. Soy contains genistein, which inhibits inflammatory factors known to play a role in keloid formation.43-44

Topical application of aloe helps skin heal faster, which may reduce the risk of a keloid forming. Studies suggest it may be because aloe increases hyaluronic acid in wounds, known to help skin heal without scarring.45-46


Try adding some scented essential oils to your favorite skin cream and massage healing skin or newly formed scars. Rose and sage oils have ketones, plant chemicals known to help inhibit scar tissue.46

Contrary to popular belief, vitamin E may actually make keloids look worse if used by itself.3

If you are planning on scheduling laser therapy for a keloid, think twice before heading to the tanning salon—it could delay your treatment by six months.26

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